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10 reasons to become an AITT training provider!

AITT is the UK's fastest growing accrediting body for workplace transport training. 

Here are just a few ways that AITT is able to validate, recognise and support your training.


1. COVID Guidance



2020 has been an extremely challenging year for all businesses, and our industry has been no exception. Throughout the pandemic, AITT has provided our members with information and advice, including lobbying the HSE for guidance, issuing method statements, providing free awareness material, and collating all other relevant advice on our website. 


2. Simplified test papers

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How many times do you sign your paperwork? AITT strongly believes that an instructor’s time should not be wasted signing papers, but instead should be spent providing practical training. 

Our practical test papers are just 1 page (double sided), ABA compliant and simple to use. They can be downloaded from our website and printed as needed. Any changes to test papers are communicated clearly to ensure instructors stay up to date.


3. Digital paperwork

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Our members also have access to free digital paperwork designed to improve efficiency and reduce paper waste. Download our digital paperwork to your tablet or iPad and start using it straight away: no fees, no subscriptions, no hassle!


4. High quality standards

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We have revamped our training standards material, producing simple and clear step-by-step guidance that supports instructors in their delivery of training across all our accredited courses.


5. Course presentations 

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Use your own presentation, or use ours! We have started to produce cost-effective but powerful AITT-branded PowerPoint presentations that contain all the relevant information needed to easily provide a professional theory classroom session.


6. Skills mapping


AITT is applying common sense to multiskilled instructors, allowing instructors to map transferable skills to other workplace transport categories. An application is required, but for example, we no longer see instructors unable to teach A1 Pedestrian Powered Pallet trucks when they hold A5 Pedestrian Stacker qualifications.


7. Tutor program 


We have completely revamped our category 4 tutor training programme, which enables instructors to provide training to other instructors (and was once the same as ITSSAR’s method). Instructors now undergo a pre-visit, a 7-day course, and a post-visit to achieve their qualification. Included in this are 2 high quality training standards, and the 10-day course PowerPoint presentation for the AITT instructor course.


8. CITB recognition (heavy plant courses)

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Last year AITT was awarded CITB 3rd party awarding body status. As a result we have been further developing our heavy plant training courses, offering our training providers and instructors more opportunities to work within the construction industry.


9. Helpful business support


AITT provides ongoing support throughout your membership with us. We listen, offer guidance, and share advice to your business on all matters relating to workplace transport.

But don’t take our word for it, chat to any of our other AITT accredited training providers for their opinion!


10. Switching to us is easy, and low cost 

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We have a simple and streamlined process for joining AITT, which includes transferring over your qualifications to AITT without the need for a training course. Business membership starts at £185 per year, and our audits are provided annually from £310+VAT. Inclusion in our national operator database (ACORNS) costs just £1.90+VAT per person.


About AITT

AITT is the only membership-run accrediting body in our industry, and we proudly operate as a non-profit organisation where membership fees are reinvested to improve our services to the industry. The leadership of AITT is elected from our members on a 2-year cycle, so everyone has a chance to steer the association’s direction.

AITT is a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association (Workplace Transport), and is nationally recognised across the industry: 75,000 courses were provided by our training providers last year alone.

At AITT we are committed to providing and maintaining the highest training standards, up-to-date guidance and in-depth monitoring for all types of workplace transport and material handling equipment. 

For more information on joining AITT, click here or call 01530 810867