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AITT Annual Review

Welcome to this, the first of our AITT Reviews.

As you will have seen in our previous news story, AITT has maintained its consistent – and impressive – growth over the past 12 months. And we anticipate that to continue throughout 2023.

We certainly won’t be resting on our laurels.

At the time of writing, our annual member survey has been issued and we await the results with keen interest. As always, we will examine the results carefully and seize upon any suggestions that will improve the quality and scope of our systems and services.

Indeed, we are already working on a series of initiatives designed to benefit every one of our stakeholders.

For the public we will be unveiling a system that will enable employers to verify applicant qualifications much faster.

For training providers we are working on a scheme that will give credibility and authority to appropriate courses that fall outside those accredited by the ABA.

For tutors we will launch a mechanism that will improve efficiency and keep them operational and earning income for more days of the year.

For instructors we are actively exploring a change that will make delivering courses more efficient and cost-effective.

It all adds up to another busy year, one which we believe will maintain AITT’s position as this industry’s most responsive accrediting body.