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Operational changes due to COVID-19

We wanted to update and reassure our members and instructors that it is very much “business as usual” for AITT. However to ensure we can keep both our staff and our training providers as safe as possible, we are announcing the following:


Office administration

Our office will be operating as normal, with staff rotating between the office and working from home. No meetings will be taking place in the office, and instead will be conducted via Video call. We politely request that no unannounced visitors arrive at our office. Certificates, registrations and other administration will be processed as normal.



Auditing will be reverting back to online video calls only, until nationwide restrictions are lifted. New providers or training providers who have not undergone a physical visit for their previous audit, will be required to provide a video walk around for the training centre facilities, (if applicable) demonstrating the usual accreditation requirements. 

These will be conducted via a mobile device using facetime or whatsapp.


Monitoring Visits

Instructor course monitoring visits will still be conducted as per usual. In addition to our recent guidance, our TSA’s will now be wearing face coverings at all times, unless presenting. Other COVID secure guidelines will be followed, such as social distancing etc.

Thanks for your support, if you have any other suggestions, we would like to hear them.