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e-Learning: Management of Lift Truck Operators

We are pleased to announce the AITT guidance manual for “e-Learning: Managing Lift Truck Operators”

Fork lift trucks (FLTs) are familiar vehicles in many businesses and are often considered indispensable. However, they account for a large proportion of accidents in workplaces. Many of these accidents are due to operator error associated with inadequate or lack of training, unsuitable premises, poor layout, poor truck maintenance and inadequate supervision.

Under the Health & Safety Executives, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training and safe use, paragraph 84 and 85, employers have a responsibility to provide Supervisor training and it is therefore essential that supervisors have sufficient training and knowledge to recognise safe and unsafe practices as well as the other specified duties listed in these paragraphs.

This does not mean that supervisors need full operator training, but they do need to understand the risk involved, and the means of avoiding or counteracting them.

Therefore, AITT have provided guidance information is to give basic information on the layout of a suitable e-learning training programme and information to be included. AITT members will be able to download this manual from the members area. 

This provides AITT accredited organisations the requirements needed for their course to become accredited. This would need to be reviewed by submitting the content to AITT, before granting accreditation of the course.

If you are an AITT accredited training provider and would like to know more, please contact the AITT office.