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Next generation of instructor ID cards: SmartID

We are very excited to launch the next generation of instructor ID cards. SmartID, replaces the old style ID card, to a new QR code card, that is easier to update and manage. 



For the last 20 years AITT instructors have been issued with and ID card along with their instructor certificate. This was an easy and simple way for instructors to evidence their qualifications, such has their instructor level, expiry date, and equipment they are qualified to teach. The idea was simple and effective. 


What is SmartID

SmartID maintains this simple concept, but improves the visibility and management of the card.

The card will feature the usual credentials on the front, however the rear of the card, which usually shows the list of equipment the instructor is qualified to teach, will now be replaced by a QR code. 

With smartphones now being widely used, to check the QR code, users can simply scan the code with their camera phone or tablet, using the camera device (Apple devices) or downloading a QR scanner application.

This will link to the instructors secure profile page, which will feature the credentials and list of qualifications currently held. 

There will also be a unique URL address listed, should a QR code scanner not be available. 


Updating the card

Instructors can now update their details and qualifications via their new profile page. 

The upload tool enables instructors to upload the certificates as evidence, for AITT to verify, and if successful, be added to their profile without having to request a new card.



New Instructors / Re-registrations 


  • When you qualify as an instructor, as part of your registration, your new SmartID card will be issued along with your new certificate. 


Early Upgrade

£40.00 (Non-members) £25.00 (Members) +VAT and postage

Every SmartID card will include a new card holder and AITT branded lanyard.


Category Update

£7.50 +VAT (For up to 3 categories) 

  • We will allow up to 3 certificates to be uploaded for verification per transaction. 


Skills Mapping

£40.00 (Non-members) £25.00 (Members) +VAT and postage 


Skills mapping is a unique service that enables AITT instructors to map qualifications across, that feature similar attributes, and transferable knowledge.

Unfortunately, skills mapping is not available via the instructor profile page, but this can be done by completing our new skills mapping application form here: 

Instructor will SmartID cards, will now have all the skills mapped categories included within 1 card (QR code) and on their profile page.


Thank you, and if you have any questions please get in touch!