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Training in the spotlight at AITT summer conference

AITT will be bringing the industry together once again in its next online conference to be held in early summer.

Building on the success of its highly popular conference last October, AITT will host a varied panel from across the industry to shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing operators and training providers alike. 

AITT Managing Director Adam Smith explained: “At AITT we pride ourselves on being a responsive organisation and our online conferences are designed to reflect the kinds of topics that are relevant to, and requested by, our members and the wider industry across the UK.

“The conference is a great way to gauge the thoughts and concerns of the sector. One of the interactive polls in our last event revealed that 75 percent of respondents were concerned about the challenges posed by the ever-expanding role of automation within materials handling. 

“Poll results like these, and wider event feedback we received, have enabled us to pinpoint subject areas of maximum interest, which we will be exploring further in our upcoming event. We have used that data to enhance some of AITT’s products and services to ensure we are delivering the highest levels of support to the industry.”

The AITT conference will provide participants with a unique chance to take part in formative discussions and gain insight into the role and purpose of accredited training.

 “Without accredited training, there is an abiding risk of inconsistencies, a decline in quality and a very real possibility that providers are failing to use the latest, or even the correct, documentation and tests,” said Adam.

 “That is why accrediting bodies such as AITT work to ensure that operator training is delivered to the highest calibre and consistency, in line with the standards set out by the ABA.

 “But for standards to be improved and maintained, the industry needs to be onboard and actively engaged. Through our online events we aim to share information and resources, and encourage wider discussions, for the genuine benefits of everyone involved, across the entire materials handling sector.”

AITT will be making further announcements on speakers and topics over the coming weeks. To pre-register for the event and to find out more about AITT, call 01530 810867.

To watch the presentations from last year’s panellists, visit: