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Updated ABA Workplace Transport Categories

The ABA has updated the workplace transport codes as a result of the ABA testing standards for Order Pickers being revised.

ABA categories (formally known as BITA codes) place different types of truck into categories, based on being "significantly different" This helps training providers, employers and operators understand the different training requirement needs, to operate each truck. 

The latest change, results in an adjustment to the height in which an order picker can go to, before it is reclassified as a different category of truck.

  • E1 - Medium level order picking trucks up to and including 3m
  • E2 - High level order picking trucks over 3m

Previously, these stated 2.5m, but the new standards uniform the global understanding of “high level” as more than 3m.

The new grouping will take effect from 1st April.

Download it here:

ABA Groupings