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Flat forks - Automatic fork leveller detector (Counterbalance) image

Flat forks - Automatic fork leveller detector (Counterbalance)

Counterbalance Use Only:

FlatFork is simply a digital spirit level and is accurate to within 0.25 degree.
To set it up you place the unit horizontally on a fork and then crowd and tilt until the central green light comes on which is level.
Pick the unit up and then without adjusting the crowd and tilt fix the FlatFork to the mast which is done with the 3 strong rare earth magnets and then gently twist the unit until the green light is on - this now means that when the mast is in this position the forks are level - and thats it.
The Flat Fork has a 24 month warranty, the batteries last for 18 to 24 months and is IP67 rated.
£274.80 Inc VAT.