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AITT Approval Scheme Launch

AITT launches industry-first approval scheme for MHE theory training


Training companies of any size will be able to offer fully appraised and independently monitored courses across a range of topics.


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new approval scheme for a broad spectrum of MHE courses designed to benefit all parties in the workplace training sector.


AITT Managing Director Liam Knight explains: “Our new AITT-Approved scheme will help our training providers who deliver – or wish to introduce – a theory course that falls outside the scope of accredited operating training, e.g. safety or manager supervision training, by having it verified, approved and monitored by a trusted authority.


“At the same time, employers will gain access to a much wider range of high quality and innovative courses that have been audited and endorsed and which carry the AITT-Approved marque. These can be e-learning, classroom or blended courses for colleagues from the shopfloor right through to the boardroom.”


Through it, AITT will conduct a full appraisal of the course, exploring all aspects including how it is delivered, the aims/objectives, outcomes, and course timings. Courses that meet AITT standards will receive an authentication marque and would be assessed every year in order to retain its approved status. Should the course change, AITT will re-assess and reverify.


“Our purpose in establishing the scheme has been to give peace of mind to employers who can be confident that a course has been independently assessed and will be continuously monitored for quality and consistency, and that all materials have been thoroughly vetted,” adds Liam. “Importantly, the scheme is straightforward and open to AITT-accredited training providers of any size, presenting them with the opportunity to create new courses endorsed by a leading accrediting body.”


If you are an AITT member and have a theory course that you would like to submit for AITT approval, please log in to the members’ area here and complete the application form.


For more information on becoming an AITT member, please visit the website or call 01530 810867