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Refresher Training

Why falling into bad habits can be fatal, and how to avoid it

Recent studies show more and more people are falling victim to bad habits, letting their safety standards slip. So, there’s never been a more appropriate time to discuss the prospect of getting properly trained or refreshing your training...

Many people let standards slip, but when it comes to the logistics and materials handling sector, simple slips can lead to injuries, fines or fatalities. Fines often exceed £1 million, so the imperative of complying with legislation is paramount. Workplace fatalities remain extremely higher than necessary, and these could be avoided with proper accredited training.

Managing Director of AITT, Liam Knight, explained: “We’re the fastest growing accrediting body for workplace training, and remain the sole membership ran body in the industry. We’re fully committed to staying non-profit, to focus on what matters most, safety. Keeping training standards high is our ultimate goal.”

“We always recommend that companies prioritise their accreditation, and regularly train and retrain staff, even if they’re not due for a renewal. It’s easy for someone to lose skills, even in a short space of time, that’s why refresher training is so vital.”

To continue upgrading their offerings and services, AITT recently announced their ACORNS Verifier Tool, (AITT Certification of Operator Registration Number Scheme). This new tool allows potential employers, recruitment agencies and other training providers to search a growing database of over 500,000 properly accredited candidates. Each registration submitted undergoes a 17-point check to ensure it complies with AITT and ABA standards, potential employers, recruitment agencies and other training providers can have peace of mind in their recruitment process and health and safety procedures.